New Website Assessment Questionnaire

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State and Zip
What will the website represent?
Local Business/Organization
Online Store
Personal Blog/Website
If other, please specify
Name of Company or Organization
Do you currently have a website or have you registered a domain name?
If yes, what is the website address?
If no, do you have a domain name in mind and what is it?
Will you need assistance with domain name selection and registration?
If the above address, phone number and E-mail is not what will be listed on the website, please provide that here.
Tell me about your business/organization:
What year did this start?
Would you like E-mail addresses set up for this domain? How many will you need?
Do you have a look and feel in mind for the web design? (Example: Clean, Corporate, Fun, Modern, etc.)
Do you have a color scheme in mind or colors you don't want? Please describe...
Do you have marketing material (brochure, business card, etc.) that the website needs to match?
Do you currently have a logo that you are satisfied with?
If not, would you like Maximum Web Presence to design a logo for you? If yes, please specify a look or feel and colors you have in mind for this logo.
What will be the purpose of the website? check all that apply
To get found online
To have a basic business website with general information
To sell products or accept payments for service
Additional goals for having a website built:
In addition to a home page, what pages would you like to have? check all that apply
Online Payment
Upcoming Events
Our Staff
What additional features would you like to have on your website?
Online Registration
E-Commerce/Online Store
Image Gallery
Uploads or Dowloads
Review Us
Coupons or Specials
If there are additional pages or features you would like that were not listed, please list those here:
What would you like to highlight about your company? What sets you apart from your competition and makes you unique?
Will you be providing the content and images to be used for the website?
How do you plan to maintain and manage the website? If you would like to hire Maximum Web Presence for this, please specify.
Do you want to hire Maximum Web Presence for marketing and SEO of your website (getting found online)?
Please provide any additional details you feel will be helpful: