SEO Assessment Questionnaire

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What is your website address?
Are you needing SEO services for a website you are having developed through Maximum Web Presence?
If you are needing SEO services for a website not being developed by Maximum Web Presence, how old is your website?
Are you willing to add a blog to your website?
List up to five categories for your business classification.
What are up to 10 keywords you want people to find your business for?
What is your budget for an SEO startup campaign?
$2,500 +
$2,000 - $2,500
$1,000 - $2,000
$500 - $1,000
$250 - $500
Under $250
What is your monthly budget for ongoing SEO maintenance?
$500 +
$250 - $500
$150 - $250
$100 - $150
$50 - $100
Under $50
What year did you start your business?
What business directories or local listings is your business/website currently listed in, if any?
Do you prefer to pay in full prior to launch of an SEO campaign or would you rather pay on a monthly basis?
Pay in full for SEO Campaign
Pay monthly
In order to begin an SEO campaign, you will need to verify listings for business directories. Do you agree to do this after launching a campaign?