SEO in a Nutshell:

Without some search engine optimization techniques, your website will not live up to its potential.

SEO is not a cheap service for the clients and not an easy task for web designers. However, not all SEO campaigns are alike. The level of difficulty for each campaign depends on your type of business, competition in your area, your business coverage area, the age of your business and some additional factors.

When an SEO campaign in launched, the process is not quick. A proper SEO campaign should be done over time. There are ways to get a website's rank up faster than average, but at the same time, a good SEO campaign should be done over months, followed by consistent SEO maintenance.

What All Does SEO Consist Of?

1. Ensuring your website is linked on as many business directories as possible, especially directories related to your field.

2. Consistent Social Network Profiles Management.

3. On-Site Keyword Optimization Using Tags, Content, Images and More.

4. Getting links back to your website from high-quality websites.

Advertising VS. SEO

Compared to investing in a good SEO campaign, paying for advertising is like throwing money away. More people refer to the search engine results rather than the ads within these results. However, early on in the process, if you are desperate to get found, some moderate advertising via Google can be beneficial. I can also assist you with targeted ad campaigns through Google Adwords.

How Much Will SEO Cost?

As mentioned, the level of work involved to get a site ranked depends on various factors and so quotes will vary for each website I launch an SEO campaign for. I have some great options for those on a tight budget.


Since search engine optimization is a spread out process, I prefer to set clients up on a monthly plan (usually the most tedious work takes place during the first 90 days). The cost varies, but I keep my pricing very reasonable and report all the work, along with your Google Analytics Traffic Reports each month, so that you can see the increase in traffic and sources of traffic. Starting cost for full website management (website maintenance and SEO management) is $85.00 per month.


If you cannot afford the cost for SEO, I can also offer a report suggesting a course of action for you to take. This is a customized report for your site specifically. I will handle the on site SEO work and you can take care of the off site campaign. Cost for this option (for clients only) is a one time fee of $120.


We meet in the middle. I can also work with you so that we both manage the SEO campaign. This could be a variety of split tasks and I will work with you to come to an agreement we both are happy with. 

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